Needles & Moxa
Hwato Sterile Acupuncture Needle Traditional Chinese needle with Spiral and loop type handle. Comes with Silver Coated Handle. Sterilized with EO Gas-Hygenic,non-pyrogenic. Individual packed with guided tube. Packing of 100pcs in one box. Sizes available 0.5” and 1”.

Mac Sterile Acupuncture Needle Traditional Chinese needle with Spiral and loop type handle. Comes with silver coated and stainless steel handle. Sterilized with EO Gas-Hygenic,non-pyrogenic. Each needle is packed singularly with individual guide tube for disposable single use.Packing of 100Pcs. Per box. Available sizes 0.5” to 5”.

Stern Acupuncture Needle Traditional Chinese Needle with Stainless Steel Handle. Packing of 10pcs. each blister with one guided tube. Available sizes 1” and 1.5”. Economical and best for the single use of the needle.

Sujok Needle Mac Brand Sterilized Sujok Needle. Packing of 10 pcs.per blister or plastic bag. Best for the use in Sujok Acupuncture.

Ear Press Needle Mac Brand Sterilized ear press needles. Packing of 10 pcs. with plaster colour in brown and box packing of 50 pcs. Best for the use in Ear Acupuncture.

Moxa Roll Tai Yi moxa roll contain moxa blended with several natural herbs and it is used for general moxibution. Size of the stick is 0.07” x 8.2” and its burn near about 4 hours. Made by Suzhou China. Packing of 10 rolls per box.

Mini Needle Moxa Mac Mini Needle moxa is High Quality pure moxa rolled in rice paper. Needle moxa is only for Professional use. Packing of 500pcs. per box.

Stick on Moxa Roll Mac Stick on moxa roll is used for indirect moxa with self adhesive. It gives extensive heat but use with caution. Only for Professional use. Packing of 225 pcs. per box.

Stick on Mini Moxa Mac stick on mini moxa is the indirect mini moxa with self ashesive base. It is great for the indirect mild uniform heat because of the hole in the base and with approx burning time of 5 minutes. Packing of 180 pcs. per box.

Tube Moxa Tube moxa is used in indirect moxa heat with hollow, rigid moxa stick. It is used with the stand. Packing of 200 pcs. per box.

Tube Moxa Stand 1 Hole and 5 Hole Stand used for giving indirect heat. Used with Tube Moxa to heat direct acupoint.

Tigger Moxa Tigger moxa has 20 pcs. per box. And it is used for warming the needles.

Cosmetic Needle Cosmetic acupuncture needle for treatment of wrinkles for face lift and for sagging of the face muscles. Sterilized Chinese Needle. Packing of 40 pcs per blister and 400 pcs per box.

Ear Seeds Ear Seeds are safe aseptic and excellent for rat points. Packing of 1000pcs or 1200 pcs per box.

Plum Blossom Needle Seven Star Needle – Sterilized needle and packing of 1 pcs. It is used for Tapping.

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